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Balloons at Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club Wedding Reception

Chloe and Luke's wedding was absolutely beautiful. She is the definition of genuine kindness, and she lights up the room as soon as she walks in.

Her vision for the backdrop was to be all white with some accents. She wanted the backdrop to be gender neutral and blend in with the rest of her wedding decor. She held the wedding ceremony at a different location, so our team set up the backdrop and balloon garland at the reception site. Chloe wanted an extra personal touch for her day, so she ordered a custom neon sign that had their last name on it. We worked together to ensure the sign would work with our backdrop and installed it for her. Our backdrop is versatile and can be customized to hang a variety of different signs, flowers, or other decor.

The backdrop gave guests the perfect place for photos and provided a large piece of decor to cover up an otherwise plain wall in the reception space. It also allowed for large group photos as it is 8ft by 8ft.

Chloe and Luke are such special people, and I will cherish getting to know them forever.

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