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Former Boss Turned Into the Most Beautiful Bride

Kendall holds a very special place in my heart as both a friend and client. I met Kendall at one of my internships in college where she was my mentor and boss throughout the internship. Our job was definitely not one you would associate with glamour by any means. We worked together selling power tools. You heard power tools correctly - Kendall is an expert in drills, reciprocating saws, grinders, and everything in between! She is the ultimate cool girl that knows how to build anything and everything. Throughout my internship, she was someone I looked up to both professionally and personally. I am lucky enough to have her as a dear friend and mentor to this day.

When she told me KJ proposed, I was so excited for both of them! I knew that they planned on having a more intimate wedding, so I did not think that she would have a bunch of flowers at her wedding. I got a text from her one day asking to talk about flowers and felt a flood of emotions. It is always an honor to be a part of a client's big day, but it meant so much to me that my mentor had asked for my help on her big day.

They chose the most perfect Tennessee Fall day in October for their backyard wedding. Kendall had a clear vision - she wanted a moody fall floral aesthetic that was highlighted by rust colored flowers. Let me tell you, naturally rust colored flowers are quite difficult to find. We talked multiple times about the options and bounced ideas off of each other to come up with a solution. I recommended multiple flower choices, but we ultimately decided to use a combination of silk, wooden, synthetic, and fully natural floral elements. Kendall was set on incorporating the true rust color, so we decided to go with silk and wooden roses to accomplish the desired look. These faux options were combined with bronze Football Mums, Quicksand Roses, Playa Blanca Roses, and different varieties of Eucalyptus and Italian Ruscus. KJ also opted for a pocket square style boutonniere instead of a traditional pin on one.

It definitely was a challenge incorporating every element, but it was such a special experience bringing her exact visions to life. Because Kendall and KJ are awesome at building things, they hand-made their wedding arbor in addition to their benches and tables. Every piece of their wedding was so intentional and personal to them - even having their dogs being the flower girls for the wedding. Love was poured into this wedding, and seeing Kendall walk down the aisle was a full circle moment for me. She is effortlessly beautiful inside and out. I continuously look up to her and know her and KJ are perfectly made for each other.

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